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Kratom is very good for you to get a better life change

Why Must Be Kratom?

Because Kratom is an herbal plant that is safe for consumption.
Kratom is an herbal plant that can help you cure some diseases that many people complain about, such as the elderly. Kratom can also help you get extra energy for your daily activities, get better mods, relieve insomnia, kill pain, relieve drug addiction and be able to diet.

Best Herbal Plants
Why Choose Kratom Powder ?

Easy to consume

With Kratom in powder form, you can consume it easier every day.

Easy to Serve

Powdered kratom can be easily served with coffee or tea. You can also mix it into several capsules or other kratom products as you wish.

Business Opportunities for You

You can resell kratom powder in your country, you will definitely benefit if you sell it again. If you become a retail kratom supplier or wholesale kratom supplier, you will get a lot of profits with this kratom business. You are only looking for customers and we are ready to send kratom powder to your customers.


Kratom powder that we sell is pure and high quality Kratom Powder

Wholesale Kratom Prices

Small order:
  • 1-2kg = $75/kg
  • 3-5kg = $70/kg
  • 6-9kg = $65/kg
Medium order:
  • 10-19kg = $55/kg
  • 20-49kg = $45/kg
  • 50-99kg = $40/kg
Big order:
  • 100-599kg = $35 - $33/kg
  • 600-999kg = $32 - $31/kg
  • 1000-Unlimited kg = $30 - $25/kg
We are an Indonesian wholesale kratom supplier with the best kratom quality. Our Kratom Powder passes the standardization of safe production for you and your family, we also offer cheap kratom powder prices & free shipping. Get cheap kratom prices and high quality kratom powder only in Indonesian wholesale kratom suppliers.

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1 Bag = $ 75
( contents of 1000g Kratom Powder )


Don't Worry about Order Online

  • We guarantee the package will arrive at your house
  • Tracking Number can be checked at any time through the DHL / UPS / POS Indonesia shipping service website
  • Tracking Number and documentation photos will be sent to your Email

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